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Why Tree Stump Removal Needs to Move Up the To-Do List

Updated: Apr 1

It might seem like a problem for tomorrow; that tree stump that’s been dwelling in your backyard for years on end - probably as long as you’ve lived there. We’ve seen it time and time again. Tree stump removal keeps getting shoved down to the bottom of the to-do list, because there are walls to paint, fences to fix and renovations to look into before you turn your attention to the harmless eyesore that is a tree stump on your property. Whilst there are a few legitimate reasons to get rid of the thing, we’ve got one that might make it more urgent than initially perceived. In case you didn’t know, here it is:


Yes, insects. More specifically, fungal pathogen hosts. What exactly do these look like in Australia?

Insects can become a problem to someone’s house or yard when they find conditions perfect to build nests in. For the most part, you want insects to pass through, not set up their home in yours! Here are the most common insects that can create a home in a tree stump, and why this is problematic for you:

Termites are a common problem for trees, homes, and other wooden structures, as they particularly thrive in damp, dark and eroding conditions. Tree stumps are a perfect breeding ground for termites. Their engineer-like nature causes them to bore into the middle of the stump and make a nest in its core. This will endanger the structural integrity of any other tree and vegetation in your yard, and even your house. As with every problem, better to get ahead of it than treat it retrospectively! If termites have nested in a tree stump on your property, do not try and remove the nest yourself! This could cause the termites to flee and nest elsewhere. By calling us to get rid of the stump for you, we can make sure that any insect nests are done away with too!

Ants also have a habit of infesting tree stumps. They are not as problematic as termites, but infesting a tree stump on your property can (and probably will) lead to an ant infestation within your home. They will use the stump to nest, but will be drawn to any wooden structure to hollow out and build nests in. This could be within your home, where they can contaminate your food and even attract other insects.

We’re all familiar with wasps in this country. We’ve learned to adopt a healthy fear of them - and with good reason; wasps don’t muck around! Wasps will be drawn to the larvae or unhatched eggs of insects lower down on the food chain. They will build a nest near where these insects have already built one; making a tree stump a perfect home for these unwanted pests! Tree stump removal is an affordable solution to help keep the wasps away.

Having a tree stump (or any other structure) on your property that is alluring to insects that can cause damage to your yard and home is asking for trouble. In order to protect your house and your yard from unwanted insects, get ahead of the problem by calling us in to remove your tree stump for you!

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