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Arborist Reporting Sydney | Arbor Co Tree Services
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Trees are much more complex than you probably realise. They contribute a great deal to the local ecosystem, and when things go wrong, they can really go wrong.


That is why it is always a good idea to get an arborist report carried out before you make any big decisions about a tree on your property. Arbor Co. is fully qualified to conduct an arborist report in Sydney on all types of trees and plants. With over fifteen years of experience in the game, we can provide you with an arborist report that analyses the condition, safety and overall health of your tree. Our reports will provide you with the following information:


  • Identification: What species of tree are we dealing with? Are there any unique factors that require special consideration?

  • Health: Sometimes, trees require removal due to damage sustained in storms or construction work. Alternatively, they may have succumbed to a disease, or pest infestation. 

  • Risk Assessment: How likely is it that the tree could fall and pose a risk to human life or property? Are there power lines or other structures nearby that make this case particularly unique?

  • Recommendations: It may be that the tree can be rescued from whatever is afflicting it with some tender love and care. In some instances, it may be sufficient to remove specific  limbs, and in others, we might recommend removal altogether.

  • Compliance: The average homeowner is blissfully unaware of the regulations that surround tree removal from their property. It isn’t as simple as removing a tree which is inconvenient for you. You could end up on the wrong end of a council fine. Using a licensed arborist will ensure that everything is removed in a manner that complies with all local statues.

In short, it is everything you could possibly need to know.

Calling us out to conduct a report is in no way an obligation to engage us in further services. However, the old adage a stitch in time saves nine has never been more true when it comes to the health of a tree. A timely arborist report can address problems long before they become too costly or dangerous. In our experience, it usually saves you time, money and heartache.

Give us a call today to see if we can arrange an arborists report.


1. What is the purpose of arborist report?

An arborist report is a document that provides detailed information on the condition and health of trees as well as any recommendations in regards to what should be done with them. An arborist report is typically requested by local councils but may also be prompted by the tree owner themselves, as they provide supportive information for what mitigation options are available regarding trees on your property. Only a consulting arborist holding a minimum Australian Qualification Framework Level 5 in Aboriculture is qualified to provide an arborist report. Arborist reports are particularly critical when engaging in large scale building projects on your property. 

2. Why is the Arborist report important?

The reason an arborist report is so important is that they are a legal document, which can hold up in court, if necessary. Aside from being a council requirement they also help to ensure the integrity of any project by helping to make sure that protected trees are not unwittingly removed or damaged, as this can have significant financial ramifications. By working with a certified arborist you can ensure that any projects on your property run smoothly and don’t incur any unnecessary hold ups. Beyond this, trees have significant environmental value and an arborist report will help to ensure that the best choice of management regarding your tree is made.

3. What is the difference between a forester and an arborist?

An easy way to think about it is that arborists typically operate within more urban settings. An arborist tends to specialise in individual tree care. This will typically look like climbing trees and bringing them down in parts, often in order to protect infrastructure, such as powerlines, buildings and other structures and obstacles. If you are talking about larger scale tree management, involving acres of forests then this is where a forester comes in. Foresters operate by managing large swaths of trees and helping to construct plans to achieve desired goals, such as if you are keen to extract timber from your forest or use the forest to attract specific species. They can even help with harvesting and selling timber.


"I have engaged Harrison and his team from Arbor Co a number of times. The prompt service, clear communication and work itself is second to none, having used various other arborists previously I would not go back. I would confidently recommend Arbor Co to anyone including friends and family."


"Arbor co. tree services were recently engaged as one of our preferred council contractors. Harrison is a genuine bloke with a professional and experienced team that responds to all requests promptly and efficiently. The work is of the highest quality with top level safety standards at the forefront of the company. I highly recommended Arbor co tree services for all aspects of tree work - as no job is too difficult for Harrison and his crew!"


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