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Tree Pruning Sydney | Arbor Co Tree Services
Oak Tree Bark Texture


You would be surprised at what tree pruning can do for the overall presentation of your property. Much like a haircut, it allows your house to look maintained, neat and orderly.


More than that, tree pruning is actually crucial in maintaining the health of the greenery around your household for a number of reasons.


  1. It promotes growth by removing all of the unhealthy leaves and dead branches which are draining precious resources from healthier limbs

  2. It stimulates flowering and growth. This ends up being good for the entire ecosystem in your neighbourhood.

  3. It actually strengthens the tree. Tree pruning removes the dead weight that can loom dangerously overhead.


All of this means that your tree is prepared for high wind or storm activity. An unpruned tree looks a bit shabby and can actually end up being dangerous.


Arbor Co. have been tree pruning Sydney for almost two decades, and we are well placed to offer your trustworthy advice about how your garden will respond to tree pruning. We can also redirect the growth of the tree in more favourable directions to improve lighting or reduce the risk of falling limbs.

We offer the following tree pruning services:

  •  Tree pruning overgrown or damaged trees that pose serious risk of person or property.

  •  The removal of deadwood, which will be disposed of in an environmentally conscious way. it may be able to be repurposed for firewood or simply chipped for a variety of purposes.

  • Canopy thinning to ensure that as much light as possible makes it into your house, or simply to reduce the density to avoid future risk.

  • Canopy reduction is another option for if you would like to completely remove the greenery on your property.

  • Branch weight reduction involves the scaling of the tree and the removal of the limbs that are no longer productive. Again, they are removed as sustainably as possible.

  • Crown renewal and thinning is the process of removing a portion of a small secondary branch from the centre of the tree to ensure that the foliage is evenly spread across the tree. This means you don’t end up with lopsided greenery leaning across your property.

  • Canopy lifting is a great way to let more light into your property. It involves the removal of lower branches while leaving the higher branches which gives the effect of raising the ceiling.

  • Removal of obstructing, diseased or storm-damaged branches to prevent the possibility of further damage to person or property.

  • Palm pruning. As these tend to grow quite quickly, it is helpful to have an expert arborist on hand to ensure that they don’t become cumbersome in months to come.


When it comes to tree pruning Sydney, look no further than Arbor Co for an efficient, professional and personable service.


"Very good service, came on time and did an excellent job cutting back trees and making the garden neat again. Highly recommend Harrison and his team."


"Very professional team from the quoting stage to the Arborists who left the site clean and liaised with Neighbours. Job well done!”


“Detailed professional advice regarding a seemingly diseased tree. Definitely recommend”



1. How much does tree pruning cost in Sydney?

This will all depend on the size, shape and location of the tree in question. Tree pruning of a small easy to access plant will require less danger, time and equipment than a tree that is higher or more difficult to access. On occasion, trees might require the removal of limbs before the pruning can take place, and so it becomes difficult to provide a ‘one size fits all’ method of quoting the cost of a job. Ultimately, we need to see the plant first. We can then provide a free quote so that you can weigh up your options.


2. What time of year is it best to prune trees?

There is some wisdom in targeting pruning during particular months of the year, specifically Winter and Autumn. Pruning over Winter can help to stimulate new growth and it can often be easier to identify limbs and branches during this season, whilst there are less leaves on the tree.  Again though, this is entirely dependent on the type of tree, and what you are looking to achieve. If you can identify specific dead, damaged or diseased branches then it is best to contact us to advise and possibly act upon it immediately, rather than waiting for a specific season or conditions. 

3. Can I prune my tree myself, or should I hire an arborist?

Much like the previous answers, this will largely depend upon the tree. In certain instances where the tree is especially large and there is the possibility of injury to yourself, others or the potential for damage to property then there is no question that a trained arborist should be called in to complete the work. An arborist’s knowledge of trees and legislation will also insure that you don’t damage your tree by pruning it incorrectly or inadvertently break any laws relating to tree preservation. Tree pruning Sydney needs to consider legislation relating to Tree Preservation Orders and Local Environment Plans. With the potential for hefty fines it is best to engage an expert arborist.


4. Does pruning help trees? How?

Firstly, tree pruning helps a tree to look its best. Without tree pruning a tree can begin to lose its natural shape and formation, resulting in the tree eventually becoming less stable and solid. Beyond just the aesthetics and financial benefits of having a great tree profile on your property though, there are lots of health benefits for the trees, your home and yourself. A well pruned tree helps to remove density, allowing for far greater airflow on your property. This can help to mitigate diseases in your trees, as well as minimise the chance of mould, which can be incredibly damaging to your home and the health of you and your family. 

5. How long should I wait before pruning my new tree?

Whilst it is great for the overall health and longevity of a tree to prune it whilst it is young, there are pitfalls to pruning a young tree incorrectly. With especially young trees, under the age of 3 years, you should refrain from pruning any branches that are not dead or broken. If you are flippant with your pruning then you can cause damage that stays with the tree for its life span. Trees don’t heal in the same way we humans do. Be sure to always cut with a specific purpose. This will help to avoid over-pruning and placing unnecessary stress on the young tree.

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