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Stump Grinding Sydney | Arbor Co Tree Services
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Many people underestimate the importance of stump grinding and stump removal. They’ve got rid of the dangerous or undesirable tree and the stump is another problem for another day. In reality, leaving a stump in your garden can cause a number of headaches down the track.

Why does stump grinding matter?

  • Stumps left in your garden can become hazards for children who might slip and come into contact with the hard or spiky remains of the tree. This can result in missing teeth, splinters or general bumps.

  • A tree stump becomes a perfect home for all sorts of undesirable fauna. This can be anything from snakes to termites, and the long term damage from either of these can be exponential.

  • Similarly, many trees are removed because of a disease or fungal infection. Leaving the stump can allow this fungal pathogen to spread from the stump to the surrounding healthy trees. You may as well have not removed the tree at all.

  • In a real estate market where every single square metre costs upwards of ten thousand of dollars, why waste space with a stump? Instead, stump grinding allows you to use this valuable space for extensions, or landscaping to make your property as beautiful and functional as possible


Once people realise the importance of stump grinding, they tend to think that this is a job they can do themselves. Again, this task should only be performed by our arborists who are experts in stump grinding Sydney. With almost twenty years of experience, we have it down to a fine art to leave no lasting trace of the tree on your property.

Here is how it works:

  1. The tree is removed as low to the ground as is possible by our expert arborists.

  2. A machine called a stump grinder is then used to grind away the remaining stump until it is completely flush with the ground.

  3. The subterranean stump is wood chipped until the timber and root system are entirely broken up. 

  4. The resulting chips can be removed if desirable, or left for you to use for your own landscaping purposes.


If you have any need for stump grinding Sydney, give us a call today for a free quote


1. Are there size requirements when it comes to stump grinding Sydney?

In a practical sense, no. If you had a California Redwood or something similarly large in your lawn, it might become a more complex task. However, the kinds of trees that are growing in residential backyards do not require this kind of process. Anything you need can be done in a matter of hours.

2. What does it do to my lawn?

It will leave a hole, but this can be filled in with a combination of the wood chips and the surrounding earth. After a few weeks, it will start to blend in with the surroundings, and after a few months,  it will not be noticeable at all.


"Arbor Co recently removed two large Cedrus deodara from our garden. The whole Team were great! They were very professional and efficient. It all happened like clockwork! They ground the stumps down afterwards and left our garden clean and tidy. I would 100% recommended Arbor Co. They were very easy to deal with, providing a great service at a fair price."


“Harrison and his professional team at Arbor Co were exceptional. Highly recommend this firm of talented, safe minded individuals, who obviously enjoy their job.”


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