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Palm Removal & Maintenance Sydney | Arbor Co Tree Services
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There is something about a good palm tree. It conjures an image of the tropics, somewhere to the north where the weather is warmer and the days are longer. 


But it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Palms require quite a bit of specialist knowledge in order for them to look good in your garden. After all, the structure of the trunk differs from every other tree. There are no limbs or boughs, so it is imperative that an expert looks after when and how the top begins to grow. There are two main activities which will require an arborist.

1. Palm maintenance:

This involves the removal of dead fronds to increase the height of the canopy. A palm is unique in that all new leaves start out from the crown of the plant. As new fronds begin to grow, it can push the older ones down, causing the canopy to stoop and lower. This means less light, and less space. An expert in palm maintenance will know precisely which fronds to remove to relieve the plant of excess weight. The right trim in the right place can cause a palm to stand to new heights. But be careful; Palm maintenance is a fine art, and an amateur can easily cause the entire plant to become unbalanced. The best case scenario: The plant looks asymmetrical for a few months. The worst case: The entire plant might need to be removed.


It is also important to remove the fruit and seed pods that can attract pests. A palm tree is beautiful. But you don’t want to live with rats, weevils or fruit flies living just outside your window. The occasional once over from a trained arborist can make this problem disappear.

2. Palm removal

Just as maintenance requires an expert hand, so does the removal. Palm trees have a unique root structure that makes them more complex than other trees. They often extend far underground beyond the narrow trunk of the tree. If you fail to remove this properly, you might find growth emerging where you don’t want a tree. Additionally, palm removal is tricky because the tissue of the trunk at ground level is much thicker than other plants, which means you can’t get through it with conventional tools. Specialised equipment must be used by experts with specialised knowledge in order to safely conduct a palm removal. With over fifteen years experience, Arbor Co. can safely remove any palm stump on your property, in a timely and safe manner.


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1. How difficult is it to take care of palm trees?

Taking care of palm trees requires some expertise and attention, but it can be manageable with the right knowledge and tools. Proper care involves regular watering, fertilising, and monitoring for pests and diseases. Additionally, knowing the specific needs of different palm species is crucial for their well-being. As a professional arborist, we have the expertise to handle all aspects of palm tree care, ensuring they thrive and remain healthy.


2. Why is palm tree trimming necessary?

Palm tree trimming is essential for several reasons. Regular trimming helps remove dead or diseased fronds, improving the overall appearance of the tree. It also enhances safety by reducing the risk of falling fronds during storms or high winds. Additionally, proper trimming can encourage healthy growth and prevent overcrowding of foliage. Our arborists utilise the right techniques to trim palms without causing damage and ensure they look their best all year round.


3. How deep do palm tree roots go?

The depth of palm tree roots can vary depending on the species and soil conditions, but generally, they tend to be relatively shallow. Most palm tree roots extend horizontally from the base, typically not going deeper than 3 to 4 feet. This shallow root system makes palm trees more susceptible to uprooting during strong winds or storms. Understanding the root structure is crucial when planning landscaping around palm trees to avoid potential damage.


4. What is the maintenance of palms?

The maintenance of palms involves a range of tasks to ensure their health and aesthetics. Regular watering is essential, especially for young palms or during dry spells. Fertilisation is crucial to provide essential nutrients for growth. Additionally, pest and disease monitoring is necessary to address any issues promptly. Routine palm tree trimming is recommended to remove dead fronds and promote healthy growth. Seeking professional arborist services for palm maintenance can ensure all these aspects are well taken care of, keeping your palms in excellent condition.


5. What's involved in maintaining a palm tree?

Maintaining a palm tree involves various tasks carried out throughout the year. Our expert arborists begin with an assessment of the tree's health and specific needs. Regular watering and proper irrigation methods are employed to maintain moisture levels. Fertilisation is tailored to the palm species and soil conditions. We closely monitor for any signs of pest infestations or diseases, taking immediate action if necessary. Trimming is done strategically to eliminate dead or dangerous fronds without harming the tree. With our professional services, your palm trees will receive the care they need to thrive and enhance the beauty of your property.


"I have had the pleasure of dealing with Harrison on numerous occasions in the past 12 months. His communication is great and they turn up when they say they will. Every job has been completed professionally by his team, with little to no debris left over. I cannot recommend them highly enough."


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