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Oak Tree Bark Texture


A well manicured hedge does more than just make your house look aesthetically pleasing. It subtly communicates something about you to the world. An orderly hedge speaks of a person who is master of their own domain, whereas the unruly hedge hardly puts your best foot forward. We don’t mean to judge. We mean to help.


Arbor. Co has over fifteen years experience of crafting hedges so perfect you could set your watch to them. Whether it be hedge trimming the small ornamental type, or the larger more structural variety, we have got you sorted. Our hedge trimming services present you to the world exactly how you would like to be received.


We are also able to rescue a plant if a DIY hedge trimming job has not gone well. There is actually much more to the trimming of a hedge than meets the eye. There is technique and know how that goes into the crafting of a quadrilaterally beautiful hedge:


  • Frequency -  You need to keep on top of a hedge so that the structure of the plant doesn’t bend outside of the desired shape. If in doubt, our advice is to hire expert hedge trimming services, at least three times a year.

  • Tapering - The bottom of the plant needs to be thicker than the top in order to make sure that the lower leaves are receiving adequate sunlight. If the structure is top heavy, the lower limbs can become bare.

  • Levelling - This is the ‘buzz cut’ across the top. However, it is important to monitor the structural branches to make sure you aren’t compromising the integrity of the entire plant when you cut across the top.

  • Pruning - This is the removal of various branches or leaves that are deviating from the desired pattern. This is something best done regularly by the owner, though it is included in our hedge trimming services.


Give us a call for all of your hedge trimming needs in Sydney. Large or small, we can cater for your every need.


1. What is tree trimming? Why is it necessary?

Where pruning may be prompted by a health concern relating to the tree, tree trimming is more like a haircut for a tree, seeking to remove overgrown sections on not just trees but also shrubs and hedges. Achieving the best possible form for your plants will help them to achieve maximum health. Hedge trimming is the most common of these and as well as being conducted to improve the aesthetics of a tree, shrub or hedge, it also helps to allow important air and sunlight through to ensure that the plant can receive the necessary nutrients and moisture to thrive.

2. Can trimming bushes to a certain shape harm the bush?

Without adequate knowledge it can be really easy to cause irreparable damage to your bush. Different species require very different approaches and there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to effective trimming. As a general rule, don’t trim back more than a third of a bushes growth, particularly during its most active growing season. If you trim back too excessively then it can shock the bush and ultimately result in its death. If you go too hard with your hedge trimming then you can actually overexpose the shrub to sun exposure. This results in excessive sprouts, which can disfigure the shrub as it attempts to protect itself from scalding.

3. What month is best to trim hedges?

As has been previously mentioned, every plant species will differ slightly when it comes to best time to trim. As a general rule though, ideal conditions for hedge trimming are when humidity levels are low, the skies are clear and the weather is cool, making Winter the typically best season in Sydney. The lack of moisture is important, as this can help to protect against disease and infection. Another way to help minimise this risk when hedge trimming over Winter is to minimise the amount of cuts made as this will help to lower the risk of bacteria and fungi entering the wounds of the shrub.

4. Can I give myself a hedge trimming?

Apart from the knowledge of the plants themselves and their specific needs, arborists can provide the best hedge trimming services that will ensure that your beloved hedges look their absolute best, thanks in large part to having the correct tools and equipment to complete the job effectively. Without specialised pruning tools, saws and power trimmers, as well as equipment to access difficult areas, it is highly likely that your hedge will lack uniformity. This is a sure fire way to ruin your hedge. Don’t risk the health and wellbeing of your hedges by hacking it yourself. Call us for a quote.


"Harrison, Jake & Tristan couldn’t have been more professional and left the premises looking cleaner than when they arrived. This company is highly recommended, easy to deal with and no hassles whatsoever. Congratulations ARBOR CO."


"Engaged Arbor to complete a tree removal. Harrison from Arbor was very prompt on supplying me with a quote to completing the work within a 2 week turn around from the original phone call. Could not be happy with the quality of with from the Arbor team. They were on-time, respected the property and cleaned up. Look no further for your arborist needs."


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