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Tree Removal Sydney | Arbor Co Tree Services
Oak Tree Bark Texture


Most people underestimate how dangerous it is to remove a tree from their property, and unfortunately, hundreds of people a year are injured trying to perform tree removal on their own. Often, houses are damaged by limbs falling incorrectly, and the costs of this DIY job can quickly run into the tens of thousands. In reality, effective tree removal requires a great deal of expertise and experience. 


Arbor Co Tree Services have been performing tree removal Sydney for over fifteen years, and have built a solid reputation for efficiency and professionalism. We can provide full arborist reports upon request.


We can discuss a range of possible options for the tree in question to make sure that the solution fits your exact needs. Sometimes, a full tree removal Sydney might not be necessary, and there are other options which are less invasive and less expensive. Whatever course of action is decided, you can rest assured that it will be conducted in a safe and timely manner so that you can carry on with your life. After all, life is busy enough without worrying about trees falling through your roof.


There are a number of reasons why tree removal might be a necessary option:

  • A tree might be dead or dying, and it poses a significant risk to both people and property.

  • A tree might be diseased, and the strength of the limbs might be compromised. Additionally, if left untreated, the disease can spread to the surrounding trees, which can be a more costly exercise in years to come.

  • A tree might be perilously close to the house and might become hazardous in high wind situations

  • A tree might have a pest like aphids, borers or termites that can cause the tree to become weakened over time, posing a threat in the long term.


It is important to note that you might need to seek council permission to remove established native trees. It is against the law to remove these unless they pose a genuine threat to person or property. All tree removal Sydney conducted by Arbor Co is compliant with the regulation outlined by the relevant governing body, and is in compliance with WorkCover NSW - Amenity Tree Industry Code of Practice 1998.


1. Do I need to do anything once I have booked Arbor Co?

No, you can go about your normal daily business, safe in the knowledge that a team of expert arborists are removing the problem tree without impacting your property or other trees.

2. Am I left with the remnants of the tree?

Again, no. We handle the process from the beginning to the end. If you would like the wood to remain on your property for firewood, that can also be arranged.

3. Am I contributing to green waste by having a tree removed?

No, as trained arborists, we have a great fondness for trees, and love to give them a new lease of life in whatever way possible. This might mean dropping them off to lumbar yards so that they can be milled into new pieces of timber. If the tree is unsuitable due to its shape or overall health, it will be chipped or disposed of as sustainably as possible.


"Harrison and the team were prompt in providing a quote and with great communication. They reminded me that they were coming the night before and arrived ready to go. The team did a great job bringing down a big dead tree in a tough spot with out damaging anything including the lawn underneath. They were even kind enough to cut some of the larger trunk into nice sized firewood for us to use later. Overall very happy."


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