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An Arborist Is for More Than Just Lopping Trees

Updated: May 15

The trees on your property are a serious asset. A 2017 study focusing on three Sydney suburbs found that a 10 percent increase in street tree canopy could increase property values by $50,000 on average. Beyond just their aesthetic appeal, they can also provide significant energy savings, with their shading effect capable of reducing energy bills in Sydney by up to $800 a year. Just like any other asset on your property though, your trees require maintenance to ensure that you get the maximum return from them. This is where having a trusted arborist comes into play. Much more than just someone who lops trees in an emergency, an arborist can provide a vast array of tree services Sydney that ensure that your property’s leafy assets are well protected. Below is an overview of the different services they can offer:

Soil Analysis

Soil analysis is a useful tree service Sydney as it allows an overview of the nutrient availability present in the soil on your property. This can be helpful when it comes to selecting appropriate trees for your property and also to ensure that your pre-existing trees can be offered the best fertiliser and soil enrichment to allow them to thrive. Don’t necessarily wait for your trees to become a problem before contacting an arborist for advice.

Plant and tree identification

You may have trees on your property that you are unsure of how to best care for them. An arborist can help you identify the plants and trees on your property and then provide insights on best practice with managing them. 

Decay testing

Accurate evaluation of wood decay is an incredibly important aspect of tree services Sydney as decay is one of the primary reasons that trees fail prematurely. In urban environments, like Sydney, being on top of decay is crucial to ensure that people and property are kept safe. Decay can often be hidden from view, with a tree losing its density and strength internally. An arborist is trained in a variety of tools that allow them to assess the strength and health of a tree and to advise on the best course of action in its management. 

Reports of all kinds

Understandably, trees have significant conservation restrictions and legislation protecting them from removal. Depending upon your needs, an arborist can provide development related reports, such as an Arborist Report, which is required as part of the DA process. Beyond just the development stage though, arborists can also provide Tree Management Plans and Maintenance Reports to guide your management of the trees on your property. The legalities involved with trees can be complex and the penalties for getting things wrong are severe so it’s best to ensure you have an expert arborist on board to navigate these requirements. 

Tree removal

In the event that you do need a tree removed then the arborist’s tree services Sydney extends to all of the different stages of this process too. Removing a tree, even pruning a tree of any significant size, can be incredibly dangerous to yourself, others and the structures and possessions on yours and neighbouring properties. Expensive and hazardous equipment is also required, from rigging gear, a variety of chainsaws, right through to stump grinders and tree mulchers to complete the removal properly. A trained arborist, licensed and insured, will ensure that the job is not only completed well but also in a manner that is safe for them and for everyone else in and around your property. 

So, familiarise yourself with an arborist today so that they can guide you through the management of some of your property’s most valuable assets.

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