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Arborists- More Than Just Tree Climbers

Updated: May 15

Is there anything more romantic than the concept of climbing a tree? It stands as one of the greatest symbols of childhood innocence. The desire to scale the heights of a tree, often for no other reason than the satisfaction of reaching the top, dangling from limb or lounging in a branch and taking in the elevated perspective. Sure, sometimes it can be dangerous but it’s a rite of passage, a necessary test of your strength and will and perhaps a battle against just how high you can get before the nerves really kick in. For some people, that desire to scale trees never really leaves them. Which is good news for those of us who find the threat of toppling out of a tree an increasingly powerful deterrent to ascending a tree’s dizzying heights. Such a tree climber is known as an arborist. An arborist, however, is far more than just a humble tree climber. It’s what they are able to do once they have made their way up the tree that is most impressive. So, whether you’re a lover of tree climbing looking to make it their profession or terrified at the thought of dangling high off the ground but require their services, read on to learn more about what an arborist actually does.

What is an arborist?

The word ‘arbor’ is Latin for tree, so it’s only fair that an arborist derives their name from this origin as their role goes far beyond a simple tree climber. Arborists, also often referred to as tree surgeons, or less commonly known as arboriculturalists, are professionals who cultivate and manage a wide variety of trees, shrubs and vines. Their main focus is typically directed towards the health and safety of specific plants and trees, making them distinct from a forester or a logger, who is typically only focused on felling trees for commercial purposes.

The focus of an arborist’s work means they are predominantly active in spaces where people live, work and play, where the health of a tree can become a key factor in the safety of people and their belongings. If you have ever seen a significant branch on a tree come down then you will know how important their work is to maintaining safe environments, either in public or private spaces.

Why might you need an arborist?

Apart from their ability to safely remove problematic trees or branches, there are a vast array of other services that an arborist can offer. If you are a homeowner, an arborist can offer guidance on how to obtain the safest and most aesthetically pleasing foliage possible, helping to safeguard you and your investment. With a deep knowledge of different species of trees they can evaluate the best approach to pruning, or if necessary, removal of trees. Below are just some of the services that an arborist can offer depending upon their qualifications:

  • Selection and planting of ideal trees for particular environments.

  • Pruning to ensure well structured trees.

  • Removal of trees through trimming, cutting, lopping, stump grinding and mulching.

  • Protecting and preserving trees if threatened by development.

  • Diagnosing and treating any pests and diseases that a tree might have.

  • Managing risks associated with trees.

  • Providing arborists reports to those who require them, like local government.

Although it’s likely that an arborist will be a passionate tree climber, their services span far beyond simply scaling trees and if you are faced with a tree related issue then they are the ones to call.

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