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Services We Offer Before Resorting to Tree Removal

Updated: Apr 1

In Australia, we take great pride in the natural environment we live in and around.

The Northern Beaches in particular, hosts a beautiful array of flora and vegetation that makes our natural environment such an attraction for those who live in it and travel to see it. Arboriculture is the science we study to know how to cultivate, manage and preserve the plants that make up our natural terrain. We are very proud to offer our Sydney tree services to help maintain the beauty and health of your trees, that helps to preserve the natural environment of Sydney as a whole.

As tree arborists, we take the health of your trees very seriously. Before resorting to removal, we will assess all of your options to restore it back to health and keep it as a crowning feature of your property. Throughout the entire process, we will make sure that you are satisfied with the course of action we will advise you take.

The Sydney tree services that we offer before advising removal are:

Tree pruning: consistent tree pruning by a qualified arborist can be the difference between having to remove your tree, or not. As with anything, maintenance is key. Not only can we keep on top of your pruning for you, but we can direct the growth of the tree, remove dead or hazardous branches, and first and foremost: advise you on how your tree will respond to pruning. Click here for a more comprehensive overview of our services around tree pruning.

Palm tree maintenance: obviously, a palm tree is a tree like any other, but its maintenance and removal is often carried out differently from many others. Maintaining the health of a palm tree can look like removing fruit and pods to keep away unwanted pests, removing dead palm fronds and uplifting the lower canopy, and consistently pruning.

Land clearing: clearing land of dead branches, dead trees, and general vegetation can be vital in preserving the health of trees within your property or commercial space.

If a tree is dead or dying, it will likely be beyond remedying. In this instance we will advise you consider its removal. Dead trees can pose a risk to buildings, properties or people, and should be dealt with with considerable urgency. As the safety of you and your property is paramount, we will advise you frankly if this is the course of action we believe should be taken.

We offer a full arborist report when requested to show you your options when it comes to diagnosing and treating any trees you are concerned about. Within an arborist report we will determine any potential problems with your tree, the prospective causes and the course of action we advise to be taken to remedy it. Our assessments will be ecological, where we can also advise on the sustainability of your tree.

We endeavour to ensure that every one of our clients is left feeling happy with the work we carry out.

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