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The Best Hedges For Sydney’s Temperate Climate And When to Prune Them

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Hedges provide a huge number of benefits for your garden and your property more generally. As well as forming a fantastic green screen for privacy purposes, they also contribute to cooling your space, can provide a fantastic wind break for exposed areas and can add to the biodiversity in your yard, attracting birds to nest and beneficial pollinators. Temperate climates, such as Sydney, allow hedges to thrive, as many species can be fast growing and have fantastic longevity. Whilst the specific hedge that will suit your property largely comes down to aspect and aesthetics, here a several options that can work well:

Camellia Sasanqua

If you’ve got a particularly sunny location, with only very light shade, then the Camellia is an excellent choice for a highly attractive and vibrant hedge. There are a wide variety of flower colours, ranging from white, pink and red, with them all having a subtle and sweet fragrance. Camellias blend really nicely with other shrubs, as their leaves are not so large and dominant. With the flowers the main defining feature of the camellia hedge, it’s important to encourage flowering by pruning the hedge after it flowers, which for hedge trimming Sydney is usually in spring. They will typically range between 1-3 metres. 

Lilly Pilly

Lilly Pillies are a very popular evergreen hedge, thanks in large part to their fast growing nature and the red or purple edible fruit they produce. Lilly Pillies are a native tree so they tend to do well in just about any setting and are really hardy. Left to their own devices, they can grow quite large but can be easily trained to suit the size you want with regular pruning. Masses of white flowers, closely followed by colourful berries, really pop off if left unpruned in the late spring and early summer. Gorgeously colourful, they also have the incredible added benefit of even acting as a fire retardant barrier, which can be a huge benefit in certain locations. 


Another regular go to hedge for the temperate Sydney climate is the Murraya. It is extremely fast growing and highly fragrant during late spring and early summer. Whilst a Murraya hedge can survive anywhere, it will be much happier in a location with high sun exposure and being provided plenty to drink. If you’re looking for something in the range of two to three metres high, then the Murraya is a great choice. Hedge trimming Sydney will really help to foster its swift growth. They tend to respond best to a prune in late winter or early spring, before new growth.

Photinia or Red Robin

Once you have really got a Photinia hedge established they aren’t too thirsty, making them incredibly drought resistant. When it comes to pruning them, they provide the welcomed byproduct of bright red new growth. This combination of bright red and green is particularly striking and can be achieved regularly. Similar to the Murraya, they work well in the two to three metre range and they are highly dense. Due to this density, they benefit from a solid prune in late winter. As well as coping with dry periods, they are also highly frost tolerant, making them ideal for the swings in temperature that Sydney can experience. 


Pittosporum are really fast growing and can reach as high as four metres. To get the most out of the density and appearance they will benefit from a regular pruning schedule, as often as three times a year. Spring, early summer and mid-autumn are generally considered as the prime times for pruning the Pittosporum. Despite the regular pruning, they otherwise require little attention, as they tolerate a lot of sun and are highly drought resilient. 

If you are still feeling uncertain at all about the best hedge to go with, or when and how to trim them, then don’t hesitate to contact Arbor Co for professional guidance on hedge trimming Sydney.

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