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Why Stump Grinding Reigns Supreme When It Comes to Complete Tree Removal

Updated: May 15

So, you’ve had to remove a tree on your property. Maybe it came down in a storm, maybe it had become diseased or had rot. Perhaps it just posed an untenable threat to your family or property. Whatever the reason, you are now left with a stump. On first thoughts you might think that it’s not too unsightly. It may even offer an artistic option, like some sort of wooden throne to rest on in the garden. Unfortunately, much like a tree doesn’t stay the same size, a stump will begin to alter immediately but its decomposition or resprouting can occur over a very long time. 

While this process is occurring, rotting wood is like a beacon to insects and pests. Tree stumps, when left to simply decompose, provide the ideal environment for carpenter ants and termites to thrive and sadly, they won't just remain in that stump. These pests will spread to other surrounding trees and possibly your house. Thankfully, stump grinding Sydney offers an efficient and effective solution to your remaining stump.

Simply digging out a tree is incredibly invasive to your space. As a general guide, root systems from a tree will often spread out over 3 metres wide. That is a lot of yard to dig up to make sure that your space is clear and ready to be replanted on. You are also left with a gaping hole, which can require a large level of soil to compensate for and actually begin the replanting process. Not to mention it is incredibly time consuming, effort heavy and costly if you are not planning on doing it yourself. 

On the other hand, stump grinding Sydney is far more economical, thanks to it being far more efficient and less invasive to the space as a whole. A trained arborist will use a specialised machine known as a stump grinder to chew the stump up into tiny wood chips. The arborist simply lowers the round steel disc, with large tungsten teeth down onto the stump. The disc can be swept side-to-side, working down through the layers, mulching the stump up as it goes. 

Now, you might be thinking, “Why don’t I just hire one of these stump grinders and do it myself?”

Much like the cutting down of a tree, stump grinding Sydney requires experience and expertise in order to ensure that the job is completed correctly and safely. Here are a few reasons why you should leave it to the arborist:

  • The necessary equipment is expensive and highly specialised. Therefore, the cost saving benefits are largely lost. Not to mention the dangers inherent in operating machinery that you are not trained in. Don’t risk it. 

  • Arborist work is dangerous. For this reason, arborists have liability insurance that you won’t have access to when completing this kind of work yourself. Take advantage of the experts.

  • An arborist's training and experience ensures that they are highly effective and also highly efficient. For this reason they are likely to be the most cost effective solution. 

  • Arborists will factor in potential peripheral impacts to your property and will be able to manage these effectively. If you dive in without considering further impacts you may end up with more problems to manage afterwards.

  • One of the problems that needs to be considered is that you will have a large level of waste, mostly in the form of wood chips, at the end of the process. An arborist can organise to have this removed or can advise and assist with the best uses for the remaining wood chips. 

So, now you know that you want to get rid of your stump, contact Arbor Co Tree Services to arrange a quote today.

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