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Grind Your Tree Stumps to Protect Against Termites on Your Property

Updated: May 9

There is almost no greater risk to your property than that posed by termites. The CSIRO ranks Sydney in the second highest risk category for termite attack in Australia. If you have had a tree removed or a tree has come down, the remaining tree stump significantly increases the risk of attracting termites onto your property. The termite's job is quite literally to consume rotting wood, which is great for cleaning nature but has clear problems when we are talking about your property. The main problem with having termites in tree stumps on your property is that once they are finished with the stumps, they will begin to seek out other trees and potentially the foundations of your home or the timber framing. Stump grinding Sydney is crucial to manage the risk these pests pose to ensure that the structure of your home is safe. 

Why are termites so attracted to tree stumps?

Termites don’t like dry conditions. They are wildly attracted to moisture, actually requiring it to survive and thrive. An exposed tree stump becomes like a sponge for moisture, accelerating its rot, creating a buffet for termites to feast upon. Their main source of food is cellulose. This organic compound is found in wood, plants and plenty of other materials that we love to use, like paper, cardboard and cotton fibers. As cellulose is an organic compound, the type of wood doesn’t really deter termites from munching it up in order to get their required fill. The belief that hardwoods are immune to termites is a fallacy, so your house based timbers, like frames, foundations and flooring, are absolutely at risk. Tree stumps offer an easy meal because the wood becomes easy to access. Termites will make their way through the middle and nest up in the core of the stump. The key is to keep the wood on your property difficult to access, whether this is via tree maintenance or stump grinding Sydney to ensure that the easy meal is not left out for them to feast upon. 

How does stump grinding help to protect against termites on your property?

 As the name suggests, a stump grinder will grind down your remaining stump, the section that can’t be eradicated with the use of a chainsaw. The engine in the machine powers a cutting wheel that is levered onto the stump, which chips the stump up into tiny wood chips. Regardless of the size of the stump, there is a stump grinder up to the task, with wheel sizes ranging from a dinner plate, right up to the size of a large truck tyre. The teeth on the stump grinders are incredibly strong and durable, allowing them to cope with rocks or other objects that they may come in contact with whilst working their way through the tree stump and below the surface of the soil. The thoroughness that a stump grinder allows ensures that you no longer have a termite food source. With Sydney being so susceptible to termites, you don’t want to provide any incentives for the hungry creatures and stump grinding Sydney is the most effective and efficient way to minimise your property’s risk. 

Have your tree stumps removed but don’t attempt to grind them yourself.

Stump grinders are serious equipment. Not only are they expensive, particularly those necessary to deal with large tree stumps, they are also highly dangerous. This danger is only more pronounced when they are used by someone other than a trained arborist. Knowing the risks that tree stumps pose to the wellbeing of your property, don’t put yourself at risk by operating a machine that you are not trained to use. Call in an arborist and have the peace of mind that you and your property are well looked after.

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