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Stump Grinding: A Weapon Against Invasive Root Systems

Trees may need to be removed on your property for a number of reasons. If you find yourself left with a stump after having to fell a tree on your property then you are absolutely best off to have the remaining tree stump ground down. This is of particular importance if you are dealing with an invasive species or a tree with invasive roots. Sydney contains a wide variety of invasive tree species, with Camphor Laurels being a particularly problematic invasive species that can really benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness of stump grinding Sydney to ensure the tree stump doesn’t continue to create problems. 

Why can tree stumps be such a problem?

  • Tree stumps can become a huge obstacle in your garden. This can be true for day-to-day activities like playing, gardening or mowing the lawn. Not to mention, if you are planning larger scale developments or landscaping that the remaining stump can impede. Don’t let a tree stump hold the vision for your backyard from coming to fruition.

  • Tree stumps can significantly damage your garden if left to their own devices. This may come in the form of resprouting and creating an unruly looking scrub. Or, worst of all, the slow rot of the stump is a huge beacon for pests, like termites, that won’t just limit themselves to the stump but will seek out other trees and possibly even foundations of your house. Don’t invite these kinds of pests onto your property but make sure that you take advantage of stump grinding Sydney.

The particular risk of invasive root systems

As mentioned above, invasive species, such as Camphor Laurels, which are common to the Sydney area, particularly benefit from stump grinding to the slow continued growth. As trees use their roots for stability and water uptake, this means they can spread incredibly wide and be particularly shallow. As a result they can cause the following damage to your property:

  • Shallow root systems can create dangerously uneven surfaces, creating significant trip hazards.

  • Piping and drainage, either for water or waste, can be damaged or inhibited, creating moisture or toxicity issues on your property.

  • Foundations, slabs and retaining walls can have their integrity impacted by the pressure of the root systems.

  • Crowding in the soil can make it difficult to cultivate for other plants or structures.

  • Root systems may spread beyond your own property, impacting neighbouring gardens and structures.

  • The broader their spread, the more impactful their removal becomes.

How stump grinding works to resolve the problems created by your tree stump

Whilst there are some instances where full tree stump removal is the preferred option, in most cases this will be too impactful to the space, particularly if you are dealing with an invasive root system. Here are just some of the reasons why stump grinding Sydney is the preferred option to deal with your tree stump:

  • It’s the speediest option

A professional arborist operating a stump grinder can typically deal with a tree stump within a short amount of time, depending upon the size of the stump. No other option is even remotely as efficient.  

  • Stump grinding is the least aesthetically impacting 

A ground stump will be barely noticeable once completed. The same cannot be said for stump removal, which will leave a gaping hole that requires further landscaping.

  • Accessibility

Stump grinders are easily maneuvered into tight spaces or difficult to reach areas. This is often a consideration when dealing with tree stumps. 

  • Beneficial leftovers 

Stump grinding creates a useful byproduct in the form of mulch that can be utilised on your garden. Alternative options often create a high amount of waste that needs to be discarded, typically at a high cost. 

So, whether you are dealing with a small stump or a large invasive root system, contact Arbor Co to discuss how they can deal with your tree stump in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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