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The Benefits of Stump Grinding Sydney

Updated: Jan 18

Getting to the point of removing a substantial tree from your yard is quite the journey. It is rarely as simple as picking up a chainsaw and getting stuck in. A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) ensures that trees are legally protected and preserved from being cut down. However, if you have already been through the process of enlisting a qualified arborist to submit your arborist report to council, got the green light and have had a particular tree removed from your property, then you may now be left with a significant stump and weighing up your options. Firstly, it’s worth establishing exactly what stump grinding Sydney is.

What exactly is stump grinding?

Once you’ve gone to the effort of cutting down a tree and removing its trunk and branches you’ll be left with a stump, the base that once anchored the old tree in place. Depending on the size of the tree, you may just have an enormous stump that still takes up a substantial section of your yard. Hence stump grinding, which is the process of cutting the stump of a tree into small, helpfully reusable, wood chips. The grinding destroys the stump and will typically kill the underlying root system. The grinding is achieved through the use of a powerful machine that has a rotating disc, which is covered in sharp, tungsten steel teeth, which grind the stump down into mulch.

With a clearer idea of what it is, now you’ll need to decide whether the stump in your yard needs grinding. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Aesthetics

Depending on the size and location, a stump left to its own devices can make a yard look unkept. Similarly, full removal of a stump will typically require chemicals and the digging of a far larger hole, which can be even more unsightly. Stump grinding Sydney will help to stop the tree from resprouting, whilst having minimal impact on the rest of your yard, allowing you to reclaim the space for other purposes.

  • Soil and plant health

The root systems under the stump can fan out for a considerable distance and if the trunk is allowed to stay it will continue to seek out water and nutrients from the ground, in an attempt to stay alive and even regrow. This water and these nutrients could otherwise be utilised by other plants and trees in your garden. Another potential negative outcome of leaving a stump is that the stump begins to rot, which can attract all kinds of pests, fungi and disease, placing other plants and trees at risk, as well as the foundations and structure of your home.

  • Cost efficient and limits ongoing maintenance

Stump grinders are highly efficient and can typically be operated by an individual, making them far more cost effective than removal. Also, if you decide to leave your stump then you have something that you not only now need to work around, it is likely to resprout and require further maintenance down the track. Stump grinding Sydney offers a permanent solution to a myriad of problems that can result from simply leaving a stump in the ground.

When faced with your options the benefits of stump grinding far out way the alternatives of simply leaving your stump in the ground or removing it in its entirety. So if you’ve been staring at an unsightly stump in your yard, or awkwardly working around it with the mower then now is the time to arrange some stump grinding Sydney.

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