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Why You Shouldn’t Leave That Tree Stump on Your Property in The Ground

Updated: May 16

Removing a tree is no small thing. For good reason, it is not as simple as firing up a chainsaw and hoping the tree you no longer desire doesn’t come down on anything of importance. Apart from the safety issues associated with removing significant trees, there are also the legal requirements in place to protect these valuable, natural assets. In Sydney, if you wish to prune a tree on your property, you first have to apply to the council for permission. Before you even get to asking for permission, it is also important to ensure that the tree is not heritage listed. If all of this checks out then you will need to ensure that the tree is felled safely and then the waste is removed appropriately. None of this is a small job. So, if you have gone to all that effort, it is absolutely worth it to finish the job properly and stump removal Sydney.

Why is it so important to remove tree stumps on your property?

Tree stumps left to rot away in the ground is like rolling out the red carpet for termites. Termites look for dark, warm and damp environments, where they are protected from predators to establish their nests. This is exactly what a stump offers. Even if the stump is taken right down to the grass line, this isn’t enough to deter termites. This may actually be worse as they can be highly active, without you being aware. Termites are prevalent all over Sydney, as the city’s warm and humid climate is ideal for them to thrive. The leafy nature of many of Sydney’s suburbs make them highly susceptible to termite activity, with an abundance of wood and cellulose material for them to feast upon. Urban environments can even result in them being encouraged to seek shelter in man-made structures. This is why stump removal Sydney is paramount. Don’t write the invitation that will draw termites in by leaving tree stumps to rot in the ground.

What is the best approach to removing tree stumps?

Poisoning the stump is an option but once you consider the toxicity, the inefficiency and the chance of the tree resprouting, such an approach will begin to look less and less like a viable option. Stump grinding, on the other hand, when performed by a trained arborist, is safe, efficient and highly effective in removing the stump permanently and removing any risks associated with a rotting stump in the ground. Not to mention, you also have the benefit of the stump being chipped up and turned into mulch. Aside from just making it easier to clean up, this mulch can also be utilised to power other areas of your garden, saving you from buying more fertilizer. When it comes to stump removal, stump grinding is far and away the best approach.

Can’t I just hire a stump grinder and do it myself?

Stump grinders are definitely a specialist piece of machinery. Depending upon the size of your tree stump, stump grinders cutting wheels can be as large as a truck tyre. Driven by a drive belt, the cutting wheel spins extremely fast and can sweep side-to-side. The teeth on the cutting wheels are strong and durable, able to cope with connecting with rocks or whatever other foreign object they might come in contact with under the surface. The edge on the teeth allows them to chip wood like a hammer. These machines are not to be treated thoughtlessly and can be extremely dangerous if used by untrained hands. When it comes to your stump removal Sydney don’t risk your own health and safety, call in a trained arborist for peace of mind.

Tree removal costs can vary greatly as there are so many factors to take into account. How Much Does Tree Removal Cost In 2023? You can read about all those factors here.

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