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Why Tree Removal Should Include The Stump

Updated: Apr 1

For some, it can seem like the job is done when the tree is removed. Not true! The stump is as much a part of the tree as every other, and if your tree needs to go, the stump needs to go along with it. As this is a job that requires a different mode of operation and equipment, it is not included in tree removal unless specifically requested as an additional service.

As a team, we specialise in tree removal. Although it is something we do as a final resort and not a first, there are many reasons why it is plausible - often necessary - to remove trees from your property. When you request tree removal services, it can be tempting to leave it at that. The stump that remains in its place can be a hazard that you don’t want to contend with for a number of reasons.

Here’s why stump grinding Sydney is so necessary:

  • A tree stump that starts rotting is not a situation you want to have to deal with. The decomposition will attract and become breeding grounds for insects like ants, termites, beetles and other fungal pathogen hosts. Stump grinding Sydney will get ahead of the problem before it even arises.

  • On a practical level, tree stumps will become an obstruction to your pathway. Particularly for children and the elderly, the impact of a fall over a tree stump can be severe. Everything about stump removal is in the name of prevention.

  • If the stump is not removed, another tree can attempt to grow in the first one’s place. The new tree will not have the same structural integrity, however, and will be weakly formed from the stump.

  • Keeping a tree stump on your property after the removal of a tree can prove to be an eyesore, as well as taking up valuable space within your garden! It is a great solution if you are investing in the aesthetic value of your property, or even need the space to repurpose it for something else.

We emphasise the importance of stump grinding immediately after the removal of a tree because we would like to get it done as a preventative measure, and not after any of the above scenarios have occurred. Of course, it is still possible to have your stump grinded and removed after any of the above incidences have occured, we would just prefer to do it for you before they can.

Stump grinding Sydney is a service available to you that will eliminate any problem related to the presence of the stump on your property. We use specialised equipment that our team is fully qualified to operate. When you book us in to come and remove trees for you, make sure you include our stump grinding in your request for our services, so that we can prevent any tripping hazards or arrival of unwelcome insects before they occur.

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