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Why Your Sydney Property May Benefit From Land Clearing

Updated: Apr 1

In this day and age of environmental degradation and climate crisis, the term ‘land clearing’ can conjure up all types of negative images in your mind. Images of large scale deforestation, wrought by the bulldozing of native bushlands in an effort to replace it with agriculture or some kind of urban housing development. Whilst this kind of land clearing is certainly a large-scale problem, there are plenty of instances where land clearing is not only important but can even be environmentally beneficial. The scale of the land clearing will depend upon the purpose but it can range from simply the removal of larger trees, whilst leaving the undergrowth, right through to stripping everything back to bare soil, in preparation for a new development. So, maybe you’ve just scored yourself an unruly piece of land that will need some major management before it can be utlilised or some of the more recent bushfire seasons have you got you thinking that a greater buffer around the house from the foliage might be a good idea, read on to find out about some of the key benefits of land clearing.

  • Clear it to utilise it: Before beginning on a build it is crucial that all of the vegetation on a site is removed, not just the larger most obvious trees or stumps that may reside onsite. Once all of the vegetation is removed then grading and sloping of the site can be achieved more effectively, providing the ideal clean slate to begin construction. Before you get too excited here though, make sure that you have sought the permission of your local council, as there are a significant number of rules and regulations associated with tree removal and land clearing Sydney. Your local Council Tree Preservation order may mean that you need to rethink your original plans.

  • Out with the weeds, in with the natives: It may be that you have a site that has become riddled with invasive species. Typically problematic species around Sydney include the African and European Olives, which form dense monocultures under which no other vegetation can survive. Land clearing Sydney can allow for you to return your land to a more original state by regenerating the site with native species of trees and plants. Beyond just being nice aesthetically, this also helps to support other native flora and fauna to thrive in the area.

  • Health and safety: This involves not just the health and safety of yourself and others but also the health and safety of the surrounding trees and plants. Any dead, diseased or decaying trees can pose significant risks to people and property and also threaten to spread out to other healthy trees and plants. Their removal is in the best interest of the overall health of the space.

  • Reducing the fire risk: We live on the driest inhabited continent in the world. As a result, much of the land clearing Sydney involves creating a buffer zone between structures and the surrounding bushland. Sydney is a beautiful and green city in many parts but this comes with its risks. To help mitigate these risks, laws were implemented in NSW in 2014 known as the 10/50 Bushfire Tree Removal Laws. These laws recognise the benefits of having a buffer for your property when it comes to bushfires, therefore allowing for the clearance of all large canopy trees within 10 metres of a residence and all smaller understory vegetation back to 50 metres in bushfire prone regions throughout NSW. You can check if your property is eligible by visiting the following site:

  • Boost the value of your land: High quality vegetation can boost the value of your land but the opposite is true of low quality or invasive vegetation. Prospective buyers may be put off by the costs associated with clearing the land in order to make it ready for development. Maintaining this will be financially beneficial in the long run.

So, if you are interested in clearing land in Sydney then call in the experts to ensure that it's a safe and smooth process.

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