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The Benefits of Land Clearing for Your Property

Updated: Apr 1

At a broad level, land clearing is a complex environmental issue. Large scale land clearing, involving the removal of native vegetation and habitats is one of the greatest threats to environmental sustainability. On a smaller, more urban or domestic scale it is critical in preparing a space to be effectively developed. The reason it is so critical to get land clearing right is that it constitutes the very foundation of your development. Get it wrong and it can derail all kinds of plans you may have had; regarding anything from future planting, through to construction of the driveway, house or any other structures.

Land clearing Sydney, often involving sandy or clay soils, with deep rooted native trees, makes it a highly labour intensive task. Trained arborists, equipped with a wide array of equipment are needed, in order to ensure that a job is completed thoroughly. Here are a series of reasons why land clearing is something best left to experienced professionals:

Increased usability of land

Effective land clearing can ensure that a plot of land can be productively utilised for development. This may involve regeneration of a space with native plants, or it could involve clearing a space for construction. Regardless of the reason, a lot of trees can have aggressive and wide ranging root systems that can pose a significant threat to the integrity of a structure’s foundations. This is particularly true of native gums, commonly found in Sydney, making effective land clearing Sydney especially critical. Don’t risk future problems by not thoroughly clearing a space before beginning a project.


Large amounts of dead trees, rotting wood and debris can create a multitude of hazards. These range from the risk of damage due to falling limbs and the increased attraction of pests, which can threaten plant health as well as structural integrity. Dense areas of foliage can become a haven for pests and vermin, significantly raising the risk of infestation. Land clearing a plot will go a long way to diminishing this threat. The human health risk that overgrown spaces can pose through increased mould is also significant, brought about by decreased air flow. A lack of airflow places significant pressure on the respiratory health of you and your family and also places increased pressure on all aspects of your infrastructure, causing things to deteriorate much more quickly.

Increased plant health

It may seem counterintuitive to clear land for the health of plants but just like our own health, green spaces need maintenance to thrive. When a space is overgrown, the likelihood of plants surviving actually decreases. Access to water, nutrients and sunlight are critical to a plant's survival and having a cleared and well maintained area supports growth.

Decreasing fire risk

In a warming climate, the risk of extreme fires only continues to rise. As well as creating a safety buffer between vegetation and your home, land clearing also serves to limit fuel on your property by removing dead or rotten wood that is not serving a beneficial purpose but can become detrimental under extreme heat. New laws relating to land clearing in NSW relfect this growing risk. However, unlawful land clearing carries significant penalties so it is important to enlist the services of an experienced arborist to ensure your actions remain within the law.

Increase the value of your property

A well maintained property, through a strategic approach to land clearing, increases the beauty of your land and as a result significantly increases its aesthetic and monetary value. Whether it is for your own enjoyment or to grab the attention of a prospective buyer, it is in your best interest to keep on top of the foliage on your property.

Whether you are looking to start a project or simply maintain your property, contact an arborist today to discuss how land clearing Sydney can help you make the most from your property.

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