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Stumped on what to do with the tree stump in your yard?

Updated: Jan 18

The cutting down of significant trees can not only be a tough decision but it can also be a big job, requiring expertise and very specific equipment. Once a tree has been felled, they are typically chipped up into mulch or cut into smaller logs for a variety of purposes. At this point it might seem like the job is done but the stump and the roots of the tree still remain in the ground. There is a strong chance that the roots may still have enough nutrients left to allow new sprouts to begin growing out of the stump. Even if that isn’t the case there are a number of other reasons why the job doesn’t end with just cutting down the tree. Here are just a few reasons why tree stump removal is so important:


If you have needed to remove a tree; either because it was a nuisance, a safety hazard or had become diseased, then chances are it is somewhere quite visible. Random tree stumps protruding from otherwise well manicured lawns and yards are an absolute eyesore, particularly because, as mentioned before, it is highly likely that it may begin to sprout and regrow in strange and unshapely forms. Any benefit that you may have previously had from the tree, in the form of shade or beauty is now lost and the stump just exists as a barrier to any other uses of the space. When it comes to maximising your land, tree stump removal is the only way.

Pest attraction

If you’re not someone who tends to be motivated by aesthetics then you may be thinking that you can live with the stump but be sure to consider the risks this poses in attracting pests. Ants, termites and borers absolutely adore rotting wood and after feasting on the stump they are likely to begin spreading to other trees and plants on your property, as well as potentially attacking your home. On top of the threat that these pests pose to the health of your property, the stump can also encourage the growth of fungi, which can be detrimental to you and your family’s health too. Tree stump removal is the only way to go when it comes to dealing with the remains of a cut down tree.

A drain on resources

So long as the stump is in the ground it will continue to draw resources to itself; such as water and nutrients from the soil. This water and those nutrients would be better directed towards healthy foliage on your property and shouldn’t be robbed by something that no longer requires such resources. Do the rest of your yard a favour and get that stump out of there and allow the rest of your garden to thrive.

Hopefully there are no doubts left in your mind that tree stump removal is the only way to go and when it comes to tree stump removal there is also really only one great approach. Call an arborists to grind the stump. Theoretically, you can, naturally and laboriously, continue to prune sprouts until the tree runs out of nutrients. Aside from being laborious, it is also incredibly slow in dealing with the stump. Another, almost equally dissatisfying option, is to use chemicals to break down the roots. This is toxic and also slow in actually removing the problem stump.

Thankfully, stump grinding is efficient and effective when carried out by a professional arborist. A stump grinder is a highly specialised piece of equipment that uses a spinning wheel with large teeth to grind down through the wood and earth, removing the roots permanently. This equipment can be highly dangerous so make sure when it’s time to remove a stump from your yard that you have an arborist complete the job for you, ensuring that your stump is dealt with and that you are safe in the process.

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