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The Importance of Tree Pruning

Updated: Jan 18

The concept of tree pruning can seem a little counterintuitive at first. You have this living thing which you want to grow and thrive but in order for this to happen you need to cut parts out. It is normal to have reservations about cutting back your trees yourself, even wise, despite tree pruning being crucial to a tree’s health. Every cut made to a tree has the potential to be a blessing or a curse to that tree’s lifespan. So, it is always best to seek expert advice and assistance before putting blade to branch.

The terms pruning and trimming often get used interchangeably. Whilst both can have the benefit of stimulating growth, their purposes are quite different. Pruning is all about removing limbs that are diseased, dead or just generally unhealthy. Trimming, on the other hand, is more about reshaping a plant to manage its size. Trimming is kind of equivalent to cutting your hair in order to help it grow back stronger. Pruning is more similar to the concept of removing an infected tooth to ensure that infection doesn’t spread.

With that in mind, when it comes to tree pruning, there are numerous benefits. Here are two of the most significant:

Health and Safety

The health and safety aspects are far reaching. The most obvious of these being the need to remove the threat of falling branches that might land on people or structures. When it comes to dead branches, it’s not a matter of if they will fall but when, so it’s always best practice to remove them. Having said this, the process of tree pruning can be highly dangerous itself. If you’re not entirely confident that you can safely prune a tree yourself then make sure that you enlist the help of a trained arborist.

Beyond the obvious safety risks that dead branches pose, well maintained trees provide a safer environment for your family by minimising areas for unwanted animals and bugs to lurk, as well as providing greater light and airflow for your garden areas.

It’s not only human health that benefits from tree pruning. The chance of disease spreading throughout a tree is minimised by removing infected limbs. Not only that, the tree will also benefit from the enhanced air and light penetration, encouraging healthy growth.

Aesthetics and structure

Tree pruning, when applied correctly, will maximise your outdoor space’s beauty and functionality. A well maintained canopy will allow for the ideal blend of light and shade, helping it to cater to the vast array of weather conditions the seasons can provide. Through pruning you can help to shape the structure of your trees into desired forms to maximise your views and to maximise the health and strength of the trees themselves. Get this right from the start and it will help to minimise maintenance later on. However, be aware that excessive pruning can place untenable amounts of stress on a tree, so as mentioned before, seek expert advice when tree pruning, regardless the size of the job.

Tree pruning is a crucial aspect of healthy and safe outdoor spaces. To get the most out of your foliage consult an arborist to ensure your trees enjoy longevity and lusciousness.

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