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When is land clearing not only appropriate but beneficial?

Updated: May 15

If you are exploring land clearing in Sydney then it is unlikely you’re part of the larger ecological problem of large scale deforestation and are simply here to better understand the process and how it relates to more urban development projects. Regardless, it is important to understand that any level of land clearance involves a hefty degree of rules and requirements. These rules and requirements are cast across a wide array of government, including; state legislation, environmental legislation and local government, as part of the Council Tree Preservation Order. While your average homeowner is unlikely to have the necessary heavy machinery required to engage in personal land clearing, enlisting qualified arborists to advise on and undertake land clearing is absolutely crucial for a multitude of reasons, not only relating to environmental concerns. With this in mind, let’s explore the benefits of land clearing Sydney for your specific project and how this can be best achieved with the help of a team of qualified arborists:

Safety first

When developing a site, it is far safer for those working on the site to be operating in a space that is free of hazards. Foliage can often be a significant hazard, whether in the form of fragile branches or uneven surfaces due to complex root systems. Getting a space cleared properly can help to ensure the safety of not only those working on the project but also the future occupants of the site.


Land clearing and stewardship may not seem to be comfortable bedfellows but when undertaken correctly it can help to establish a healthier ecosystem moving forward. Erosion and improved ecological balance can be achieved by making way for more appropriate landscaping and in the case of land clearing Sydney it can allow for the chance to increase native and appropriate trees and flora to a space, where these may have already been previously cleared and replaced by introduced species.

Removing unwanted guests

As referenced above, introduced species may have had the opportunity to take over a site. Thorough land clearing allows the chance to remove problem vegetation and helps to minimise the chance of pests that can pose ongoing issues to the property’s integrity moving forward. A clean slate is a great opportunity to do the right thing by the local flora and fauna, potentially creating a biodiversity hotspot in what would otherwise be a remnant of poor land management.

Minimise your fire risk

Much of land clearing Sydney relates to mitigating the risk of fire by reducing the fuel load around properties. In 2014, NSW introduced the 10/50 bushfire tree removal laws. Under these laws, property owners are able to clear large canopy trees within 10 metres of their property and all smaller understory vegetation back to 50 metres. These laws only relate to specific bushfire prone areas. The eligible areas can change and it is paramount that you are sure of your area’s eligibility before engaging in any land clearing. A qualified arborist can assist you with this process. Far from being an excuse to clear land, good tree maintenance is crucial to ensuring the safety of people and properties where fire is concerned. 


The condition of land can have a huge impact upon the timeline and budget of a project. Land clearing can significantly speed up the pace of a project by helping to make the soil more manageable and better suited to excavation works that are likely to be critical to foundational works. There is no need to be held up by vegetation related obstructions. 

Increased land utilisation and value

A land's value is largely related to the useability of its space. Land clearing can significantly optimise a space, allowing for far greater options with development. Coupling this with a thoughtfully regenerated garden space can go a long way to increasing the aesthetic qualities of a property, contributing to increased value for either the occupiers or potential future investors.  

If land clearing sounds like it will be of benefit to your project then get in touch with the experts today to discuss how they can help assist you in this journey.

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