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Safety First

Updated: Jun 25

The job of a tree arborist is not for everybody. It’s the kind of job you seek if, as a kid, you ever grew up wanting to be an acrobat, a gymnast or a monkey….or you’re just one of those people who actually enjoy heights! Not all services we offer have us wedged in the top-most branches of trees, but the ones that do, are done with your safety and ours at the forefront of our minds.

We love what we do, but we never do it without meticulous adherence to WHS protocol. Whatever fun we have is well within the bounds of the Australian working standards of tree care.

Whilst trees are a beautiful, sometimes focal and at times even sentimental addition to a property, they can prove to be a safety hazard if not tended to properly. Our main concern is your safety. Though our list of services is broad, tree removal is at the height (pun intended) of what we do.

We are based out of the Northern Beaches and have worked with some of the top arborists in the area. The Northern Beaches is home to some incredible native flora and bushland. Tree removal, Sydney side has given us a unique and privileged vantage point to the natural environment that is so iconic to the region. An aerial view of Sydney’s beautiful landscape as we saw off widow makers and branches of the like is not a bad day on the job, we assure you.

With a team of highly trained and qualified arborists, any tree removal Sydney and the surrounds requires, we are a call away.

As we understand tree removal may not be your first choice, we are more than happy to run you through your options; even providing you with a full Arborist Report where necessary. Your safety will always be our first call of duty, and the options we provide you with will reflect this. Our pro-tree approach means that we take serious consideration to the ecosystem that surrounds it when we assess every job. As arborists, we are essentially tree surgeons. So as with medical surgeons, if we can spare its life, we will! Tree removal will not be our first solution if its presence does not pose a threat to the safety of you, your property or the natural environment surrounding it.

Obviously, our range of services does not extend only to jobs that test our love of heights. We are just as happy to have our feet firmly on the ground for the purpose of jobs like hedging, stump grinding, land clearing, and pruning. Though these jobs may not have us balancing in trees metres above the ground, the training to make sure they are conducted as safely as possible is just as rigorous and important. All of our staff are fully trained and qualified to undertake any service we offer.

Thankfully, we have all the gear and a very good idea. It’s our jobs, after all.

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