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Why an Arborist Can Be Your Property’s Best Friend

Updated: May 15

Every area is unique. It’s this diversity that makes the world so exciting. The variety in textures, smells, sights and cultural features provide a richness that cannot be overestimated. The trees in any given area go a long way to creating much of this atmosphere; adding value aesthetically, socially, ecologically and even economically. When it comes to Sydney tree services there are many considerations to take into account in order to maximise the most from any tree you might be planning to plant. The area available will play a big part in what should be selected, along with what the purpose behind the plant is. It is also integral to consider what kind of drainage the tree will have. This will be highly impacted by soil type and availability to light. It’s a lot to consider and we haven’t even covered what the ongoing maintenance of the tree might require. If this is all sounding outside your scope of knowledge then it is probably becoming evident that you would benefit from an arboriculturalist that specialises in Sydney tree services to ensure that your property, whether private or commercial, is safe and designed to thrive.

Call in the experts before getting started

Misplanted trees can create all kinds of headaches so it really is best to enlist the services of an expert before putting anything into the ground. Three of the most common mistakes include:

  • Planting too close to infrastructure. Not only will this limit the ability for the plant to draw sufficient nutrients from the soil to grow effectively, the root systems from these plants are also likely to threaten the foundations and integrity of things such as buildings and pathways. A lack of space can also significantly increase the maintenance required to maintain the tree.

  • Planting too shallow or too deep. Trees require a certain depth of planting depending upon their root ball. If botched, the tree will likely not survive or significantly struggle to remain stable and healthy, either due to instability or their roots girdling.

  • Poor preparation of the tree and soil. Prepping the root base of the tree and providing the soil with the necessary nutrients and moisture are critical to ensure that the tree being planted can reach its full potential.

Experts in Sydney tree services can ensure that the tree you want suits the location, is prepped effectively and is planted correctly.

An arborist is along with you for the journey

Trees are like anything else, they need to be maintained and cared for so they can perform at their best and they can run into challenges along their journey. Arborists offer a variety of tree maintenance services that may need to be called upon if you notice any of the following in your trees:

  • Evidence of disease or rot in any of your trees.

  • Trees are damaged, typically by inclement weather.

  • Trees may be encroaching upon structures or power lines

In any of these instances, an arborist can provide the following options:

  • Tree pruning. Tree pruning allows a tree to develop its desired form through shaping to maximise light and air for ideal growth. The earlier this is taken care of the better, as it can help to minimise maintenance moving forward.

  • Tree trimming. Whether it's purely aesthetic or practically driven, tree trimming is a key service that an arborist can perform, protecting not only your tree but also yourself from injury as tree trimming can be highly dangerous when working with substantial trees.

  • Tree removal and stump grinding. Whilst a tree is never removed flippantly, there are certain instances where a removal may be necessary. An arborist will be able to fell the tree and provide the mulching and stump grinding services to ensure that the space is safe and aesthetically restored after the tree's removal.

Whatever stage of the journey you are upon with the trees on your property, building a strong relationship with an arborist is essential to optimise your property’s value. Learn more about the services that an arborist can provide check it out and see why the role they play is so important.

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