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Why you should have a professional trim your hedges

Updated: Jun 25

As the steam rises off the top of your morning coffee, you can make out the unruly silhouette of your poorly maintained hedge. Its ratty and frayed branches taunt the lack of time you have had during the shorter days of winter to keep on top of the garden and now spring is just around the corner. Rather than lamenting the fact that you can’t keep on top of it, get a professional arborist in, whose hedge trimming services will ensure that your hedges are primed and ready for the warmer months. Late winter and early spring are the ideal times to trim your hedges to maximise their health. So, wait no longer!

Now, maybe I’ve been unfair and you have actually kept on top of the garden. Well done! However, your hedges just aren’t quite up to scratch. Don’t beat yourself up, it’s more complicated than it seems. Here are a few reasons why enlisting an arborist’s hedge trimming services is the way to go:

Not all hedges are created equal

Different species of hedges require different attention. Specific growth patterns and trimming schedules are important to follow to ensure that the most effective trimming techniques are utilised. An arborist has a broad knowledge of the different hedges and their specific needs and can apply their understanding of seasonal needs and trimming techniques to maximise growth, blooms and the most aesthetic features of your hedges. Just hacking away at your hedge may not only give you a poor visual result, it may also be detrimental to the health of the hedge so leave it to the experts.

Gain a consistently gorgeous hedge

Arborists have an eye for detail and can ensure that your hedge is a show-stopper all year round. Arborists recognise that a property’s value goes far beyond just the building itself, with the shapes and colours of the landscaping serving as a major value add to any property. Whether looking to create an ideal garden to maximise a sale price or just to enjoy for yourself and your family, it’s well worth investing in professional hedge trimming services.

Your hedges are precious but so is your time

Hedge trimming can be incredibly time consuming, particular if your hedges are substantial in size. Couple this with potentially not owning all of the latest and most effective equipment and you have a recipe for a major time drain. Arborists will come armed with all the most effective tools and equipment, ensuring not only a top quality job but also an efficient one. Not only can you not match professional hedge trimming services for efficiency, their training and expertise also mean less risk for yourself, which when dealing with power tools and heights, can be substantial.

Healthy hedges improve the health of everything else

Poorly maintained hedges can create a myriad of problems. If dead or diseased branches are left to rot they can begin to impact upon air circulation and become a beacon for pests and plant disease. This can begin to threaten the health of other plants on your property, the integrity of your structures and even you and your family’s health. Lean on the expertise of the arborists.


Whilst hedges can be a fantastic way to achieve privacy through something aesthetically pleasing, they can also be a safety hazard if not managed correctly. Untrimmed hedges can impede upon visibility for pedestrians and vehicle traffic, creating an increased risk of accidents. Arborists will be conscious of health and safety codes, allowing them to minimise risk, whilst also maximising your hedge’s health.

So, stop staring at your unsightly hedge in frustration and contact an arborist today to make the most of their expertise and the ideal season.

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