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The Benefits of Regular Hedge Trimming

Updated: Apr 1

There are few things more satisfying than a well manicured hedge. Whether you’re part of the French aristocracy out to show off your wealth or merely a humble garden enthusiast looking for an added level of privacy, the hedge continues to maintain its appeal. Why, though? What is it specifically about the hedge that makes it so aesthetically pleasing? A lot of it has to do with what it represents. In a world of chaos and disorder, the humble, or in some cases, not so humble hedge, represents order and care through human intervention that you just won’t stumble across in nature. The feelings of control, safety and enclosure they provide places them as a classic feature of garden design. Regardless of whether your hedge is there as a boundary, a protective barrier or purely decorative, they all have one thing in common, every hedge needs to be trimmed.

There are lots of reasons why regular hedge trimming is advised but here are few key ones to keep in mind:

The Health of Your Hedge

Hedges are happiest when they are regularly trimmed. Hedge trimming helps to remove the dead or diseased parts of the plant, which can pose a threat to the overall health of the entire hedge. Removing any dead aspects of the hedge also helps to promote new growth, further strengthening the hedge and reducing the risks of unwanted pests and insects making their home in your lovely hedge.


The history of the hedge has had a lot to do with generating privacy. So much so, that in England, laws needed to be enacted to place limits on the heights of hedges in domestic neighbourhoods to help limit neighbourly disputes. Whilst we encourage positive neighbourly relationships, hedge trimming properly will allow your hedge to fill in completely, creating a much more robust and private hedge. By trimming away plant growth that is moving upward or outward, the hedge is encouraged to fill in the centre.

Increased Value

When it comes to any of our purchases, it’s impossible to not judge a book by its cover. This is especially true when it comes to property. A poorly maintained hedge screams of disorder and messiness and drives home the idea that the whole property is likely to be too much hard work in the first place. On the contrary, a well maintained hedge promotes order and homeliness, only certainly raising the value of your property’s desirability and as a result, price.


Whilst the hazards of an unruly hedge may not be the one of your biggest fears, a poorly maintained hedge can become a significant safety hazard. This is particularly true of taller hedges that can begin to generate a considerable amount of dead wood that can be blown around in a storm, possibly injuring people and damaging property or possessions. Regular hedge trimming also helps to ensure that hedges do not become an obstruction around street corners and driveways, by helping to maintain good visibility for both drivers and pedestrians.

So, if you were holding off on getting your hedges trimmed then wait no longer!

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