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Stumped on Whether to Remove or Grind That Tree Stump in Your Yard?

Updated: Jun 13

Stump Grinding

If you have had to fell a tree on your property or one has come down in a storm or deteriorated for another reason, then you will be left with a tree stump that you will need to decide what to do with. There are a number of reasons why leaving the tree stump in the ground is a bad idea and why stump removal or stump grinding is the way to go. Here are just few, incase you are tempted to leave it be:

  • The ongoing health of other plants in your yard

If left, other smaller trees will begin to sprout up around the stump. Sunlight and nutrients are a precious commodity for developing plants and anything left in the ground will continue to compete for these resources. You’re likely to end up with struggling plants and if they do eventually take off then it can be quite difficult and expensive to remove them in the future if they are overcrowded. 

  • Safety first

A stump left in the ground is a hazard just waiting to come in contact with a person or a machine, like a mower. Often they can become hidden in taller grass, making them particularly dangerous when they are less obvious. It’s not worth the risk.

  • Tree stumps are a beacon for pests

Carpenter ants, beetles and termites are all suckers for decaying wood, which is exactly what a tree stump becomes. Once attracted, these pests can spread to other plants and your home. Not to mention, the threat of fungi, which can fan out to other plants in your garden.

  • They’re an eyesore 

Tree stumps detract significantly from the aesthetic of a healthy and well maintained garden. Clear the space for something more pleasing to the eye.

So, it’s clear that you’re definitely going to get rid of your tree stump but what’s the best option?

This will largely depend upon your plans for the space on your property. If you’re clearing the tree stump with the plan to develop then stump removal may be your best option. 

Stump removal

Stump removal entails the complete removal of the stump’s root system. There is the chance that tree roots can become contaminated and spread disease and attract pests. Couple this with the chance of new growth sprouting from the roots and some arborists will advocate for the complete removal of the stump in order to ensure that these risks are avoided, despite the job being laborious, highly impactful to the space and time consuming. The root ball of a tree extends with the growth of the tree so if you have a large tree then the root ball can extend significantly throughout your yard. Removing this can leave your yard with a gaping hole that may be difficult to landscape effectively but it will ensure that no regrowth or rot occurs. 

Stump grinding

Despite stump removal being an effective way to combat the risks that a tree stump poses to your garden, there is an alternative that is highly effective and will be far less disruptive to your yard. This alternative is stump grinding.

A special machine, known as a stump grinder, is used to break the stump up into smaller pieces. Not only is this process far less invasive on your yard, as it minimises the size of the hole created by the process, it also leaves you with a pile of mulch that can be repurposed around your garden. Once the stump has been ground down below the surface, around 30 centimetres, soil is simply placed over the top, allowing the subterranean roots to rot away over time. The area can be re-turfed really easily. 

An arborist can swiftly and easily grind your stump, making it the most efficient and cost effective technique for dealing with tree stumps on your property. So, if you’ve got a stump that needs dealing with, give Arbor Co Tree Services a call for a consultation on what services will best suit your needs.

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