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When it Comes to Your Hedges, Don’t Hedge Your Bets, Call in an Expert

Updated: Jan 18

Hedges go far beyond simply their aesthetic value when it comes to the benefits they can bring to your property and local environment so it’s worth looking after them correctly. The physical beauty they present can inhibit us from recognising all the other benefits but consider for a moment the following:

Hedges can help capture and block air pollution

The general benefits of plants in enhancing air quality is well known but when it comes to urban environments, where there may be very little distance between your home and significant levels of traffic, then hedges can really come into their own as powerful barriers to help minimise air pollution. It won’t just be your own respiratory system that will benefit, the other trees and plants on your property will be able to breathe a little easier too.

Lessen the impacts of flooding

In a land of extremes, where floods are increasingly a risk to properties, hedges can help to mitigate the loss of permeable surfaces. With ever more development, pressures continue to mount on infrastructure, as significant rainfall events increase. Use hedges to fight back and help strengthen soil retention.

Block noise

You want your home to be a place of tranquility, an escape from the bustling outside world. Hedges can help in this war on noise. A dense hedge has the potential to block up to 8 decibels of noise. When you consider the risks to your hearing and general health when exposed to substantial noise over an extended period, this is a significant benefit.

Home for wildlife

As well as providing habitat for birds, hedges can provide food for animals, as well as flowers, which provide pollen and nectar for insects. To gain the maximum benefits of this, seek out hedges that are best suited to your specific geographic and climatic context.

With hedges providing so many benefits, it is important to ensure that they are maintained correctly. Hedging services, provided by experienced arborists can ensure that you are reaping the maximum benefits from your hedges by caring for them appropriately. Here are just a few reasons why it is best to call upon an experienced arborist for your hedge maintenance:

Knowing when to prune

Pruning your hedge at the wrong time of year can have dire consequences for the health of your hedge. The risk of infection or disease increases dramatically if humidity levels are too high. With every species requiring different treatment, a skilled arborist can provide hedging services that factor these seasonal considerations into managing your hedges effectively.

A good set of tools is key

Like any job, having the right set of tools is vital to the success of the job. Undertaking hedge maintenance without the right tools can be a disaster for your hedge and put your own health and safety at risk. In order to minimise the risk of infection to your hedge, a minimal amount of cuts is ideal. A trained arborist, specialising in hedging services knows how to get the most impact out of the least cuts possible, enhancing the health and strength of your hedge. Depending upon the height and thickness, scaffolding and other dangerous and expensive equipment might also be required to achieve a successful and efficient job. By drawing upon arborists for their hedging services you keep yourself safe and don’t have to squander further time and money maintaining equipment and undertaking the job yourself.

Every plant has specific needs and a hedge is no different. Don’t take any chances by just hacking away at your precious hedge, hoping it will thrive thanks to a little trim. Call on the experts to ensure that every cut counts.

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